Pack light and pack tight.
Sleeping bag
water bottles (collapsible bladders pack flat!)
towel (Moroccan hotels don’t always have them)
ziplock baggies
toilet paper  (buy we have it here)
needle and thread / safety pins
camera, batteries, memory cards, or film – bring lots!
sealable bag for your Digital camera

(essential!! for sand/dust)
sarong (can double as a towel, lightweight sheet or scarf)
cotton long sleeved shirt (for intense sun)
light wind-proof jacket
a hat (sun)
warm socks
light weight gloves
lightweight long pants
2-3 T-shirts
woolen sweater/fleece
cotton scarf (doubles as a wash cloth)
Hiking boots or hiking shoes
First aid – make sure you use water proof labelling if re-packaging
disinfectant creme / gel (Polysporin)
Ibufrofen (Advil or generic – for pain, swelling)
Tylenol (colds and fever)
cold medication – Echanacia / zinc lozenges
Aloe vera gel (for burns)
Anti-hystamine tablets
diahrrea medication (Immodium)
sanitary supplies with ziplock baggies to carry out
moisturiser / lip balm with sunblock
simple english books / magazines / music – (cassette tapes are common in Morocco and make great gifts.)
small torch / flash-light (small bicycle lights make good travelling torches)
nail clippers
soap / shampoo / toothpaste / toothbrush etc *
prescriptions in original containers
ear plugs *
Please remember that things do change, prices go up and down, activities stop running or change format and weather can send the best laid plans out the door. We will do our best to provide what is described above but please take into consideration the nature of the journey that you are embarking on and the country that you are traveling in and understand that a certain degree of flexibility is necessary!